Keen to try out a business idea without the cost or commitment of a long-term lease?

A pop-up shop at TOGAH may be the answer. 

Sometimes not having the finances needed to get a great business idea off the ground is a common situation many would-be entrepreneurs find themselves in.
Pop-up shops are a great way to give your business idea a go without the cost or commitment of leasing permanent business premises. They are also a great way for online businesses to trial a bricks-and-mortar store front.
Or alternatively your already hitting goals and you want to reach a new target audience

What is the TOGAH pop-up shop?
The TOGAH Pop-up shop is a temporary retail space that can be used to promote and sell products of all types, ranging from accessories and body products to clothing, gifts or other merchandise.

The pop-up shop—also called the affiliation program retail store—gives emerging online brands the opportunity to sell in a brick-and-mortar setting. The idea behind it is to let customers see, touch, and experience your products.

What are the benefits of running a pop-up shop in TOGAH?

  • Cost savings - rents for a pop-up can be as low as 20 per cent of normal rates.

  • Less risk - short-term leases make pop-ups more affordable and less risky.

  • A chance to test the market for your product; see how well your products sell and seek feedback from real customers.

  • Test the location - see how well your products sell in different locations.

  • Brand awareness - a chance to raise awareness of your product and build brand loyalty.

  • Creating urgency - customers are often more willing to buy immediately if they feel the shop or the item will only be there for a short period.

  • Adding a revenue stream - as an addition to your online business.

  • Lower risk - if things don’t work out, you’re not locked into a long-term lease.

  • Mentoring and Coaching – 6 week planning process 

Can an existing businesses benefit from pop-up shops?
The TOGAH Pop-up shop can provide a number of benefits for existing business owners too. These include:

  • New Arrivals - a pop-up shop can be used to announce a new range.

  • Trial new product lines - test the market to gauge demand on new products you may want to carry in your existing retail location.

  • Expansion - if you already have a retail presence and are thinking of opening additional store fronts in new suburbs, pop-up shops can help you test how well your products sell in different locations.

During the Pop Up

  • TOGAH Database, your brand will filter over 28k audience 

  • Creating Reputation. Does your brand have an existing reputation? Customers are always looking to support local small businesses and when carried in TOGAH customers have a more trusted feeling supporting and buying into the brand

  • You may have opted for the Mentoring which in itself is worth its weight in gold, you will experience many learnings and have a clear direction on your business.

  • While running your pop up store, look for ways to keep the momentum going. You can continue working with your influencers or tap into TOGAHS influential Database by asking them to share photos and videos of them visiting your Pop up store. 

What is the Coaching and Mentoring? 
One of our specialised team members who coaches and mentors as their full time career will support and guide you into your future direction. You will be working for 2 hours per week one on one to unravel your business and to strategize. We have had over 20 businesses love this process and have grown leaps and bounds.

Where to from Here?

You can contact us to book in a store tour where we can answer any further questions or you can simply book in a 4 week time slot here ( email)